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Background, people
and high quality products

Background, people and high quality products

Our Story


The history that binds the Sardelli Family to the production of olive oil has its roots in the last century when, in the first half of the 1900s, Guido, the founder, began selecting and buying Extra Virgin Olive Oil from farms in the area.


In 1956, he founded Oleificio Sardelli with his sons Umberto, Paolo and Piero, laying the foundations of a business experience characterized by a unique heritage of family traditions based on the love of oil, the search for the best quality and respect for taste. 


The Sardelli brothers, with their respective sons Riccardo, Emilio and Giacomo, they have brought the company to its current size, continuing this family tradition with the experience gained and by equipping the company with modern machinery and a state-of-the-art laboratory for product quality control.

Our philosophy

For the Sardelli family, producing and marketing oil means maintaining a constant balance between the art of product selection and the efficiency of modern technology for packaging, controlling and marketing oil. 



The continuous search for a top quality product inevitably passes through experience and knowledge of traditional methods of production and selection, but cannot disregard modern technologies for the control of its quality. 

Love for oil, constant search for the best qualities and respect for classic taste combine with the progress and efficiency of modern production and control processes.


The desire to fully realize this philosophy prompted the Sardelli family in 1991 to achieve a more significant and direct position in the agricultural sector by acquiring Fattoria di Doccia, a 250-hectare estate nestled in the tuscan hills, near Florence..

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